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Take your students on the farm-to-table journey with these educator resources designed to help you teach your students about the production process of fresh foods, and how eggs make their way from the farm to their breakfast table.

Lesson Plans & Activities

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High School

sci-dye challenge


Allow students to explore key principals in chemistry through an examination of how to dye the perfect egg.


farm-to-table challenge

Encourage students to learn more about each stage of the egg's journey to their breakfast table with this interactive challenge.

Middle School

sustainability challenge

Test students' sustainability knowledge as they take on the role of a farmer and learn how to make environmentally friendly decisions on a working farm.

lesson plans & activities

High School (9-12)

New! Whites and Yolks

In this lesson, students will compare the nutritional benefits of egg yolks and egg whites to determine the health benefits and nutrients of each.

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New! Best-Boiled Plans

Challenge your students to investigate popular recipes for hard-boiled eggs with easy-to-peel shells and determine which approach is most scientifically sound.

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New! Walking on Egg Shells

Your students will balance, float, and step on eggs to test their unique structural properties and then design an experiment meant to dissolve an egg's strong outer shell.

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lesson plans & activities

Elementary (K-5)

New! Fresh foods from the farm-to-table interactive lesson

In this lesson, students will learn the steps in the Farm-to-Table process, including an interactive exploration of the journey. Students will also use online resources to learn how the process works in their home state.

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Healthy eating starts with breakfast

Students will investigate nutritional information of eggs, whole grains and other breakfast foods, explore tips for healthy eating, analyze a sample menu, and more.

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Fresh foods from farm to table

Your students will explore the concept of Farm-to-Table to understand the production process of fresh foods and learn how eggs make their way to their breakfast plates.

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Positive change

Using this family activity, students learn how to make a difference in their community by making a positive difference in someone else’s life.

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Super strength

Learn how breakfast can provide a strong start to the day with this simple recipe, then try the activity to learn about surprising ways eggs are strong.

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lesson plans & activities

Middle School (6-8)

New! Sustainable School Design

Your middle school students will undertake a design project, engaging in the design cycle, to construct and implement a sustainable solution for their school grounds that meets the criteria highlighted by the U.S Department of Education.

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Analyzing and Representing the Data Interactive Lesson

Middle-school students will learn how to visually present qualitative data, including creating their own infographic. Using information about the egg industry, students will learn about the Farm-to-Table process, as well as learn how to creatively represent that data.

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The Wealth of Health in an Egg

Ask your students to review the literature related to the health aspects and nutrition of egg consumption then challenge them to write and illustrate a school newspaper article about their findings.

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Analyzing and representing the data

Using the American Egg Board's website as a reference, challenge students to create infographic posters showcasing information about the Farm-to-Table process.

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Mapping chickens

In this activity students will learn what countries chickens originated from, how they spread across the world and shed light on what types of eggs hens lay.

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