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and show them how fresh foods, like
eggs, make their way from
the farm to their table.


lesson plans & activities

Take your students on the Farm-to-Table journey with NEW interactive lesson plans for your Elementary and Middle
School classrooms!

NEW Elementary Interactive Lesson Plan!

Fresh Foods from Farm-to-Table

NEW Middle-School Interactive Lesson Plan!

Analyzing and Representing the Data

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For Elementary School Grades

farm-to-table challenge

Do you ever wonder how eggs get from the farm to your table? With this interactive Farm-to-Table challenge, you can learn more about each stage of the egg's journey to your breakfast table!

Take the Farm-to-Table Journey!

For Middle School Grades

sustainability challenge

How can we decrease your environmental footprint? In this interactive widget, take on the role of a farmer and learn how to make environmentally-friendly decisions on your farm!

Test Your Sustainability Knowledge 
with Education Station!
Watch the 2014 Virtual Field Trip in the archive now!

farm-to-table virtual field trip

Egg farmers Ben and Dave Thompson took students on a tour of Pearl Valley Farms to show them how egg farmers are working hard to be more environmentally sustainable as well as answered questions about all things eggs!

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PLUS: Extend the Pearl Valley Farms Virtual Field Trip experience with these classroom activities specifically broken out for grades K-2 and 3-5.

In the videos below, you will meet America's egg farmers and tour their family farms to learn about the different ways eggs get from the farm to your table. These videos can be used to provide background for you as a teacher. You may also decide they are appropriate for classroom use as well.


Farmer Spotlight

Meet our featured farmer Chris Esbenshade!

Get to know Chris Esbenshade a family egg farmer for Esbenshade Farms in Mount Joy, PA, and learn what a day in the life of an egg farmer is all about!

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